Thanks to our supporters!

Thanks to everyone who contributed, spread the word, and joined our crowd-fund campaign!  We are moving forward, closer and closer to our July 7 start date!  Stay tuned for more casting and crew updates as we draw near the start of production.


Watch Me is a noir about a tarnished detective who must expose a chain of murderers before he gets dragged into the web himself.  Thomas Mallory is a big-city detective, demoted to a small town after a series of scandalous incidents. He needs to solve a big case to begin earning his way home. A dead college student starts Mallory on an investigation which uncovers a centuries-old society of killers now dwelling in the small college-town. Mallory must expose and stop the killers before he becomes the next victim, or killer.  He was always one step behind the bad guys; now to stop the bad guys, he has to become one.  Production is scheduled for July-August 2016.